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Ryan Larnach
| 31ST MAR 2023

Zeno Thinks: Stepping up sustainability, from the Eden Project to the House of Lords

In wind-swept Cornwall last November, the inaugural Anthropy summit launched, convening a broad church of leaders from the world of business, academia, the arts and media. We convened at the Eden Project to pause, reflect and attempt to play our part in shaping a new vision for the UK and beyond.

It was a unique gathering, difficult to take-in at first as we marched around the biomes. But the common and overriding emotion was a shared sense of uncertainty about the future. From politics to the economy, climate crisis to our local communities, the future felt bleak.

Yet three days of discussions later – plotting and planning – as a team we left bursting with optimism and thinking how we can work as an agency and with clients to make positive change.

Fast forward to this week, when a group of us gathered in the Palace of Westminster for the next instalment. In the august surroundings of the House of Lords, it was inspiring to hear from Anthropy founder John O'Brien about what’s coming up this year. In short, if November was about kickstarting conversations, this year is focused on action.

An Anthropy charter is underway as the network continues to grow and a rapid rate, and the aim is to double delegates this year. Despite being apolitical in approach, at the Lords, we heard form Jo Bonnett about the green jobs skills gap and Sir Tim Smit from Eden Project hammered home the need for action now.

Anthropy’s vision is for a society which is more positive, sustainable, equitable and successful for the benefit of us all.

As an agency we’re excited to see what Anthropy 2023 delivers, but we also know is that making positive change won’t be achieved by a summit, event or drinks reception. Instead, it will require our agency, our clients and each of us as individuals to make the small steps that will create a better world.